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Launceston Blues Club


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What's Happening?


LBC Jam Days are held on the last Sunday of the month.
Normal jam days have a Main Act playing first followed by a Jam session.
A $10/p entry fee for members and a $15/p entry fee for non members will be charged to support the musicians and the Blues Club.

There's always something going on.

Next jam, last Sunday of the month except December.
Sunday, 26 November 2023.
Main act kicks off at 2.00pm followed by jamming until 5.00pm.

Come Visit Us Soon

Launceston Blues Club

Royal Oak Hotel,

14 Brisbane St,  Launceston

Come to The Royal Oak Sunday 26 November at 2.00pm for a "Jam Sandwich".

Free entry for musicians that play on the day, $10 entry fee non members, $5 for LBC members.

Fees support all musical acts and the blues club.

 If you can assist the club in setting up for the jam from 1.00pm and packing up after 5.00pm it will be appreciated.  A little help goes a long way.

What is a "Jam Sandwich" you ask.

How a Jam Sandwich runs

  • Each Jammer fills in a simple Rego Form on arrival.

  • On the Rego Form, we ask for your Name and 'main' musical talent / instrument. along with any other instrument/s that you would be happy to 'sit in' on, for a jam.

  • Jammers' names are then drawn out to create random 4 or 5 piece bands and displayed on a white board at the front of the stage..

  • Subsequent bands are announced progressively throughout the afternoon.

  • Each new 'band' will have time to get together to agree on and quickly work up three (3) songs. Then just tune up your instruments (with a TUNER!!) and hit the stage to perform your fresh musical masterpieces to the adoring crowd!


Jam Sandwich Process – A random draw to form a band

  • This 'random draw' Jam Sandwich format  is open to musos of all abilities, ages and musical styles but our focus is Blues Music.

  • Singers and singer /guitarists, come prepared with a few lyrics / chord sheets for a few really well known EASY to perform songs - 3 chord classics. 

  • When the new band is selecting the three songs, make sure everyone is reasonably comfortable with the songs chosen and maybe make a quick cheat sheet if needed. Song name, starting chord, progression any odd chords in the bridge etc. 

  • Before you get on stage... Tune your instrument WITH A TUNER. 

  • When on stage... Give your new band mates the chance to take a lead break... or two maybe even, if you have two lead guitarists, a harp blower or a cool cat on the keys.... share the love around..... but not for too long, we only got limited stage time.

Backline consists of:-

  • Fender Rumble Bass Amp,

  • Vox Guitar Amp,

  • Another Guitar Amp;

  • Tamar Drum Kit with Quality Cymbals;

  • In-house PA with monitor speakers and mixing desk;

  • 3 Shure SM58 Microphones and stands;

  • Music Stands.

Grilled Toast
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Live Entertainment Done Right

All about the Club (extract from LBC Constitution)

Objects and purposes of the Association:-


"The basic objects of the Association (Launceston Blues Club) are to promote and foster all forms and styles of blues and roots music within the 03 63 telephone area. To promote blues and roots music by communicating with other clubs, societies and associated organisations."

 Constitution 2021 available here.

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