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Jam Day guidelines attached

The Jam Day has a Jam Coordinator/Stage Manager and Sound Engineer.

The Jam Coordinator is responsible for forming combos from the jammers who have nominated.

  • Musicians need to recognise and support the contributions of other musicians.

  • Courteous and thoughtful behaviour should be shown at all times.

  • Players are expected to be familiar with standard Blues songs and prepared to play when their turn arrives.

The purpose of the Blues Jam is to bring enjoyment to jammers and audience alike. The order placed with the Jam Coordinator is not necessarily the order of who will play first.

The Jam Coordinator determines the order, encouraging discussion and negotiation with all jammers present to provide fair opportunity, maximum inclusion and, where possible, a varied mix.

Each combination will do a 3-song set of no more than 15 minutes. A 5 minutechangeover is provided for and if more time is required that will be deducted from the 15 minuteset.

If there is a larger than usual roll upof jammers this may be reduced to a 2-song set of no more than 10 minutes.

An act can do a set as a band if it is pre-organised with the Jam Coordinator by 12.30pm on the day and the Jam Coordinator reserves the right to accept or refuse an act.

It is expected that jammers will perform at a standard that complements fellow jammers and the vocalist decides on the songs, the key and tempo.

To be guaranteed a spot on the jam day a musician needs to have their name on the Jam Coordinator by 12.30pm. Late arrivals cannot be guaranteed a spot but the Jam Coordinator will attempt to give everybody an opportunity to jam.

  • Blues music is the preferred music to be played, after all we are a Blues Club.

  • Members provide a drum kit, bass and guitar amps, keyboard, etc;

  • Venue supply the PA system and mics.

  • The Jam Coordinator has the last say regarding set and has the right to refuse musicians who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

  • The Jam Coordinator has the right to ask musicians to turn down the volume as the venue is within a residential area. Jammers should do so without argument.

  • Only musicians asked to do the set will be on stage unless specified by the Jam Coordinator.

This script has been modified with permission from the Melbourne Blues Appreciation Societies website. MBAS website link here.